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    You are the Next Big Name in Fashion Jewelry – are you ready ?

    By Jennifer | March 23, 2015

    A piece of jewelry not only adds glamor to your fashion quotient but it also adds to your personality. There’s just so much that goes into the making of designer and fashion jewelry. From the color of the gemstone to the design of the jewelry, from the cut of the diamond to its clarity, from what will suit the skin to what’s trending around, from the season’s colors to the source of the stones, from the choice of the stone to the weight of the metal. Creating a piece of jewelry is just as much an art and skill as much as it is science. It requires a creative bent of mind and a passion for perfection to churn out those beautiful, inviting, to die for designs. And if all this excites you, we have got a fashion bonanza for you. It’s like what they say, “Make your cake and eat it too”.

    Jewelry Television (JTV.com) have just launched the The JTV 2015 Rockstar Designer Contest for all the folks out there who have a taste for fashionable jewelry design and a streak to make it big on their own.

    Who’s JTV ?

    JTV Rockstar Jewelry contestThey are the leading multi channel, customer responsive jewelry and gemstone online store. Equipped with gemologists and professionals, they are the go-to-jewelry expert guys for over 80 million US households. You can ask them your queries, hear out the industry experts on their shows, educate yourself on jewelry designs and or instead just shop around with them from the comfort of your home or office.

    What’s this customer responsive multi channel and what are these guys into

    JTV.com (Jewelry television) has been around for three decades decking up customers with latest designs across the spectrum of jewelry & gemstones.  They have teams of experts who are continuously working to create new designs keeping pace with the the latest fashion. From diamond jewelry to pearls, from Moissanite to Topaz, JTV covers the entire gamut of jewelry and fashion.

    I love to design jewelry. Can I be part of this contest @ JTV ?

    Today must be your lucky day. You should have asked for something more. JTV has just launched The JTV 2015 Rockstar Designer Contest. It’s a premium jewelry design contest open to all participants. You stand to win USD 5000 in cash. It does not end here, along with the prize money you will also get a chance to appear on JTV to sell your designed items to a customer potential base of 80 million households.  You get one on one mentoring with international buyers and exposure to the highest levels of the jewelry industry. The contest is open from March 21st to April 30th 2015.

    How to go about getting into this contest

    It’s really easy to get into this contest. Just follow these easy four steps.

    JTV Jewelry ContestDont’t get rejected. Ensure you provide this info.

    You have what it takes to reach there at the pinnacle. Go ahead, participate in the JTV 2015 Rockstar Designer Contest and design your own dreams. Spread the word. Share with your friends. The contest is now open.

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