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    Top 3 Sunglass Trend In 2014

    By cooldude | March 8, 2014

    Sunglass Trend In 2014Season has come to resort to shades. If you want to flaunt a series of experimental, stylist, boho-chic or formal look, here comes an array of sunglasses that makes your scorching summer the coolest.

    Banger’s dirty dog

    If you are the man with metro sexual tastes, then Dirty Dog of Banger is the answer for your eyes this summer. This shade not only promises maximum comfort once you pop the glass on, but it also gives your look an edge with its metal frame. Made of polycarbonate, the lens of this sunglass is durable, strong and keep your eye is rest by deflecting distorting and glaring horizontal lights that affect your vision. This shades is available with a lot of varieties. You can opt for thick or light frames with a diverse color range.

    Prada Havana

    If you are brand lover, then Prada Havana is the shades for you. It offers classic look with contemporary styling. It has square frames with give your face a robust look. You can flaunt any of its colors, be it brown, red wine or premium black. Prada, the name says it all, as in terms of quality, you don’t have to compromise if you put your cash on this. From one of the most recognizable fashion houses in the world, this shade can be an ultimate buy. A number of accessories are also available with this shade. If women are to buy Prada Havana then you can also buy yourself a handbang, some fashion jewelery and sandals that reflect you complete style.

    Wayfarer from RayBan

    If you are the worshiper of casual look, then Ray Ban’s wayfarer is the ultimate sunglass. Its color, style and lens will grab your attention. Another great feature of this shade is that you can team up this glass with any of your outfits. Metal frame with rectangular structure and different types of nosepads, according to your face shape is available with wayfarer of Rayban. Unique designs such as animal print, most famous with the Hollywood hotties are available with this shades’s house. If you think that Rayban is the brand for men, then you should know that this company features a range of sunglasses both in wayfarer and aviator style for both men and women.

    While choosing the ideal sunglass for yourself you, besides considering your look, you also should give it a thought about the health of your eyes. Don’t compromise with lens or the quality of frame of your sunglass. Otherwise it might affect your eyes. Paying a little extra is always advisable when you are buying shades. If you experience problem after using a certain brand consult a physician immediately.

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