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  • Idol Lash can be the best for your eyelashes

    By cooldude | December 6, 2013

    Idol LashEyelash serums are more in demand right now because women’s are searching for more ways to improve their eyes without using false lashes. Idol lash is one of the best goods existing in the market.

    It is a new product that has come into the market and its advertisements has been shown on various news like FOX, CNN, CBS, and ABC. Besides this many face models for the chief magazines have specified idol lash strong reviews, crediting the serum for giving them twisted, long lashes that guide the desire.

    The company of this idol lash is a specialized member of the natural products association. This means that each element comes from natural pure extracts. Because there are no fake components complaints of women regarding eye irritation or eye problems are comparatively less. The products also help to grow eyebrows. There is no need to buy an eyebrow enhancer as result money is saved in this case.

    The perfect way to utilize idol lash is to apply it just once in a day before going to bed. Before applying it remove all other makeup with soft cleaner. Put on the serum along the bottom of the lower and upper lash lines. Using it continuously 28 days will show you better results or else the company guarantees it for return
    Whether it is eye lash or any other product the ingredient and the company’s guarantee for the particular product is more important. By looking at online reviews it is clear that serum in idol lash works for the people who use it. With any beauty products its suitability depends differently. People have different body chemistry and different habits of remembering to put up serums at the right time. The results are not same on everybody.

    Today idol lash are more preferred by the women who use it reading its instructions on the package. Hence it shows great results on women’s eyes.

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    Taking Care of your Shoes

    By cooldude | December 5, 2013

    Taking Care of your ShoesProper care of your shoes is very important so that you can have a collection of a good variety of shoe design and styles. Various women prefer flat shoes while the others prefer high heels. No matter what the type of shoes is, proper care is very essential for them to last longer. Here are some tips that you can follow to take care of them to preserve their beauty and charm:

    The very first thing that you can do is to invest in heel protectors. They will surely help to increase the life of your heels. It protects them from the surfaces that can damage it such as grass, pebbles, shiny floors, sands, and wet grounds. Heel protectors may be costly, but investing in this will definitely be a wise decision. It will make your shoes look dashing and new and you will not feel the need of buying new ones.

    The second thing that you can do is to simply clean them regularly. This is a very simple procedure but you definitely require good quality and professional shoe cleaner. You can do this all by yourself. For mud stains and scuffs, use a clean cloth. Wet it slightly to make it damp and wipe off the required area gently. Scratches on the leather shoes can be removed easily with the help of shoe polish which is of the same color as that of your shoes.

    Thirdly, you should spend money on a good storage area. You should not just put away your shoes anywhere in the house. You should keep the shoes in proper boxes so that they don’t lose their shape and does not wear out easily. You must make sure that they are in closed areas so as to keep them away from dust and water.

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    Choosing the Best Khaki Clothes

    By cooldude | November 28, 2013

    Best Khaki ClothesKhaki is the fabric that has originated from British India during the Second World War. It is drab green in color and is mostly available in cotton or linen fabric. It is very durable and very comfortable and can be used in very rough conditions. It has a significantly large market as the police force of many countries use it as their uniform. Besides this it is also very popular in the fashion world. Nowadays Khaki pants and shorts have become must buys among the younger generation.

    There are different kinds of Khaki pants that are available in the market. They are very suitable for men, women and kids. Some of the major khaki pants available are: Khaki Capri pant, Khaki tactical duty pant, Khaki vintage paratrooper fatigue, Khaki chino pants etc. But you must be very careful while choosing the pant of your desire. There are a few very important points that you must keep in mind while purchasing khaki material.

    a) Quality: This is the very first criterion before you purchase a khaki pant. There are various materials available at really low prices so you must be sure of the one that you are buying. Quality must no be compromised for price.
    b) Comfort: There is a variety of hard, soft, and semi-hard variety of materials found. You must choose the one that is comfortable for you.
    c) Design: There are jeans type, straight fit, slacks type and regular type of pants available in khaki. So you must carefully decide the type for yourself.
    d) Size: This is a very personal decision to make as it differs from person to person. Some might prefer loose while the others might prefer tight fitting pants.
    e) Price: The price of the pants depends on the above conditions. Therefore you must compare and be sure enough of the prices before you make the payment

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    How to Buy a Perfect Perfume for Yourself

    By cooldude | November 14, 2013

    perfume for menA better perfume can add to your personality. Men these days have increasingly become conscious about their looks and need additional things to make them look good and handsome. You should keep this in mind that having a good perfume for all purposes is a must. You must be very careful while purchasing a perfume, be it for yourself or for a friend. Here are some guidelines that you must follow.

    You must look for something that is affordable. You can buy different varieties of perfume every time that you go to buy it. You must check the sample of the perfume to judge whether it is good for you or whether it is worth the amount that you are paying for it. All perfumes are different in value and quality so make sure that you make the right choice. Branded perfumes are preferred by many people. You should try and choose the one which most men love to use. Try asking your friends about the perfume they use and make a wise judgment.

    A simple sniff way to judge the perfume is not correct and does not help you in any way because you tend to choose the one which has a very strong fragrance. But what actually happens is that the sharp smell usually evaporates and what remains is the actual fragrance of the perfume which you can only understand after sa an hour of spraying it. This will give the right aroma to the people around you. This is the base note and has the lingering and subtle fragrance.

    So whenever you go to purchase a perfume make sure to sp[ray them on paper test strips or perfume cards. Let the sharp scent evaporate after a certain time and then you will find the smell of the base note i.e. subtle perfume and will help you to take a proper decision.

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    Guide on picking your handbag

    By cooldude | November 9, 2013

    picking your handbagAlbeit they say that diamonds are girls’ best friends yet no can undervalue the significance of handbags in a woman’s life. Isn’t it true that you almost feel incomplete when you cannot get your handbag while going out be it for a party or a movie? The handbags not only house your little treasures like cell phone or key rings but these also echo your classy style statement. There are a variety of options when it comes to picking your handbags and if you have to go right with the selection as not every purse around would be an able complement for you. The post below presents a brief note on picking up the ideal handbag for you.

    You must know that a lot of factors come into play when it comes to choosing your handbag. As your purse concerns the style quotient you have to ensure that it’s presence does not fall odd on you. The first thing you must consider here is your size. If you are on the larger or medium build with good height and a healthy portfolio, go for bigger bags only. The smaller bags will really look insignificant with your style. On the other hand, ladies with a petite short build should not opt for bigger bags as the larger accessory would look overwhelming on them, casting a huge shadow on their otherwise pulling personality.

    Then take note of your overall body contour while selecting your handbag. For those on the taller and angular side must go for unstructured, asymmetrical and rounded handbags to create a smart contrast. On the contrary, if you are little on the rounded part, avoid the rounded bags or purses at any cost. Your ideal picks are those that are precisely shaped and come with a taller angular outlook.

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    Winter Care, For Your Hair

    By cooldude | November 1, 2013

    winter hair careWe are now towards the ending of this year waiting for winter to cast its shadow. Winters are usually characterised by long stretches of cold and dry climatic conditions. However there is no chance by which we can avoid it but there are certainly ways in which we can take better care of ourselves, especially our hair.
    Since the weather is so cold and dry it causes the hair to become brittle with a lot of dandruff. Using a good moisturiser for your hair to keep it proper is always a good idea. A humidifier can be used inside houses and work places to keep the air a little humid which will definitely do well to your hair. A silk or a satin scarf can be worn at all times when going outside the house or workplace. Wearing a winter hat on top of this will obviously reduce the exposure of your hair to the dry and windy conditions outside making it less susceptible to damage.

    Another very good idea about taking care of your hair is to do hair styles which do not require very high maintenance. Use the comb as less as possible because a lot of breakage may happen due to the brittle state of hair. Whenever possible use your fingers for settling your hair. A wide toothed comb is the best thing to use during winter season. Also try to keep your hair tied at all times. A bun or a braid are very good options. This will ensure that your hair does not get tangled up very often thus lessening the usage of combs. This also ensures that no split ends are formed in the hair.

    A large amount of water intake and stopping the use of the hair dryer totally sounds like the best options during winter season.

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    Tips To Take Care Of Leather Handbags

    By cooldude | October 24, 2013

    Leather HandbagsLeather bags are usually very strongly possessed by you and it is very tough sometimes to get separated with something which has been your favorite for a long time. Though everything has an end, it is not necessary for you to throw away your favorite leather handbag if it has got a lot of stains or it has worn out from a corner. There are more than one way to make the same bag attractive and worth of being used by you.

    The first step is the linings to be cleaned. If the linings are taken out of the bag, it can be cleaned thoroughly. Re checking should be done to ensure that no junks are left in any compartment of the bag. All the zippers should be checked whether working and if not, necessary repairs should be done to it by taking it to the tailor. To make it sure that you do not lose coins or other small stuffs, you should see whether there is any hole in the linings. Ask your tailor to repair the holes even along with the damaged zippers. A compressed air spray can be used on the linings and then allowed to dry for a day. The spray can damage the outer covering of the bag and so it is advisable to use the spray from a distance.

    There are two types of leather bags, finished and unfinished. Having different features these two types of bags should be cleaned in two different methods. In case of finished leather bags some water and soap can be rubbed with a damp cotton cloth on the surface of the bag. A special cleaner can also be the solution but it is not always available in the market. After rubbing, the bag should be dried without direct sunlight. For unfinished leather bags after rubbing the soap with a damp cotton cloth, the surface of the bag should be wiped with a dry duster. Finally a conditioner should be applied to ensure complete cleaning of your favorite leather handbag.

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    Caring your hair in winter

    By cooldude | October 10, 2013

    winter hairWinter is near and the arrival of the winters suggests that there will a change in the setting of your wardrobe. It’s time for the summer beauty care products to be packed for a few months. The casual ways by which you usually care for your hair in the warmer months must not have given you too much of trouble. But if you have thought of taking it that casually in winter might damage your hair badly.

    During winters you should chose styles with low maintenance, so that you have to comb it very often. Do not use your hair drier to make your hair dry cause this can be proved unhealthy during winters. A comb with wide tooth is preferable in this season or the best option is to casually comb it with your fingers. This will prevent too much hair fall. Usage of good moisturizers for your hair is advisable which does not contain mineral oil or paraffin because this may lead to more dryness of your hair.

    The frosty weather accompanied by the wind causes serious damage to your beautiful hair and above all if you do not moisturize it regularly, you can truly regret for it. The best way to protect your hair from this rough winter is always covering it with a silk or satin scarf whenever you are going out. Putting your winter hat on top of the scarf will not even cause any hindrance to your style. Hair becomes brittle and dandruff is caused due to dryness due to less amount of humidity in the air. A humidifier can be used inside your house or office to add some humidity to the air and keep your hair safe.

    Protective styles like making a bun or braid extensions are also good options to keep the tips of your hair spilt free. And the most important factor to keep this beauty of yours look moisturized and silky, plenty amount of water intake is necessary apart from the protective measures that you take.

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    Getting To Know Fashion Basics Better

    By cooldude | October 5, 2013

    Fashion BasicWhat thought pops into your mind when you hear someone talking about “fashion”? Surely you must be thinking about designer clothes and accessories. Fashion is related to designer clothes and accessories to a certain extent but not entirely. There is also a very prevalent notion among a majority of the people that only those who have a good figure can be fashionable. However, this is certainly not true at all. This article will highlight certain basic aspects of fashion so that you can develop your skills and style in an appropriate way.
    Always remember that the size or weight of your body has no relation whatsoever with fashion. Even if you do not have a perfect body, you might look stylish in any clothing you wear. Having an athletic or skinny body is not something that can help you make a style statement. Love the way your body looks and try to adjust your style according to your body shape and size.

    Next thing that you must keep in mind is that you do not have to be rich in order to be fashionable. There is a misconception among the people that you have to spend loads of money on branded clothes and accessories so that you can look gorgeous and trendy. Money cannot really buy fashion. Your style will depend on your personal choice and mood and not on the money you spend on clothes.

    Fashion does not depend on the race, gender, age and skin color of any person. Whether you look fashionable or not will surely depend on your attitude. You must have the confidence to carry out an outfit you wear. Along with that you should be ready to experiment with your looks. Also try to be creative so that you can give rise to a new fashion statement.

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    Picking the perfect hair dryer

    By cooldude | September 21, 2013

    hair dryerA hair dryer is a must have for almost every woman today. The trendy damsels love to flaunt a smooth straight hair which can be easily achieved by a personal hair dryer. In fact, investing on hair dryer is a smart decision as it saves you from the rising salon bills during your parties. Are you too planning for a hair dryer off late? Well, there are several hair dryers in the market but not all of them could be equally satisfying for you. The post below is a brief on picking the perfect hair dryer.

    Wattage is a crucial factor as you go out to choose your hair dryer. You must know that higher is the dryer wattage, better would the result. Hence it’s always advised to pick a hair-dryer with 1750-1875 watts. In case, your tresses are thicker you will need a dryer with more wattage, say 1900-2000 watts.

    The dryer material also plays a key role in determining your dryer choice. According to the experts, the ceramic hair dryers are the best to go for. The ceramic products assure even and stable heart distribution across the tresses. Besides, ceramic emits far-infrared rays that help in eliminating the frizz from hair, locking in the natural color an moisture in the hair. The professionals generally suggest taking to ceramic hair dryers with the tourmaline gemstones. The ceramic-tourmaline hair dryer results in enhanced emission of the far-infrared rays & negative ions- that add on extra sheen to your tresses making it all the more gorgeous.

    Do you have longer hair? Well, longer hair takes time to dry up which can be a trouble when you are using the hair dryer. The regular hair dryers are heavy and it’s tough to hang on to them while steaming up your long cascade. Thus, it would be great if you can opt for sleeker trendy models.

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