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    Hat options for you

    By cooldude | January 27, 2012

    Hats have always been a part of the clothing worn by the gentry since long. It can always add extra beauty or sheen to the dress that one is wearing to any occasion. This is true for both men and women. Though hats had initially been started to protect the head, with time it has become more of a fashion element than any protective gear. A hat is an easy and inexpensive way to deck up any occasion and looks classy and elegant in front of everybody.

    For men, there are many types of hats available ranging from the Panama hats, fedora hats in heavy felted material, flat caps to trilby hats, bowler or derby hats and newsboy caps. One can choose from this range depending on the climate and one’s own choice. Among women, the most famous is the beret hat. Others include beanies, flirty cocktail hats, straw hats and many others, each available in different shades and styles.

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