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    Five Tips To Choose The Ideal Wedding Dress

    By cooldude | August 4, 2014

    Wedding DressYour wedding is the most special day of your life and marks the beginning of a new world for you. A wedding dress is a symbol of purity and a sign of pure joy which the bride experiences on her special day. Every bride wants to look beautiful and the most stunning in the eyes of the man she loves. A dress that has style and an elegant look attached to it is not only a mark of status but also uplifts your personality. Would you not want the right dress that suits your personality too? You have to put in a lot of time and thought into buying yourself the perfect wedding dress. Here are some tips that will help you finalize your wedding dress.

    Color palette – Colors are the most essential and integral part of your outfit. Your skin tone, the setting of your wedding, and time of the day when you will be wearing the wedding dress, and of course the colors that are suggested for the season of your wedding – all must be considered for your wedding dress to be outstanding as you want it to be. If your wedding is in open air at night avoid sheer whites. Yellow skin tones are not complimented by ivory colored dresses. Summer seasons are perfect for you to pick up dresses in yellow, pink or peach tones. There are many alluring colors from which you can choose from.

    Nobody knows your body more than you so study yourself before you dress. So, work on the problems and try the dress that camouflages them perfectly. If you have a long neck consider wearing dress that are long-necked.

    Add a bit of YOU to the dress – The wedding day is your day so, add a bit of you to the dress. This is always possible if you hire people or go to apparel stores that cater to your needs. Look for that one store that will ensure all the best fit for you and be ready for alterations and customization that you want. You can also give your exclusively selected design and get it stitched.

    Surfing the net and shortlisting – You should read a lot and search and filter according to your requirements. Viewing an image helps a lot and brings a clear view. Grab wedding magazines and look at brides and their dresses looking the best possible. Select the common features of the designs and shortlist them for yourself. Finally be ready with the perfect dress to dazzle your guests with.

    Budget fixation to avoid splurging all the money – Marriages can make you go overboard for most things. Thus, you should always fix a budget to avoid overspending. Hiring marriage planners also help you divide the budget cleverly. They suggest that you should not spend anything more than 10% of your budget on dresses. Account carefully the essential dresses that you need and then dictate the remaining budget to the wedding dress. However, you cannot be rigid with budgets and estimates but always use it as a guiding line.

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