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    Cool Fashion for the XXL

    By cooldude | December 23, 2013

    Fashion for the XXLIn this world of rapid and constant changing it is a very natural and normal sight to see women of extreme sizes- size zero and size XXL. However, the misconception that a thin woman dresses and looks better than a fat one is definitely just a very vague statement which people keep saying. The truth is, regardless of the size of the woman or the man for that matter, if they know how to dress correctly.

    Dressing is the most integral part in anyone’s life. Nowadays there are pages on Facebook and websites which enable and give a wide variety of clothing for as they call it, large people. There are a variety of dresses, sequinned, lacy, flowery summer dresses, pants and tee shirts, jackets, tunics, shirts and jeans in large sizes no different from the ones available in small sizes. It is a very righteous thing to open websites with such clothes available. It is a very demoralising thing to feel less confident if your size is big, however if you dress smartly and look good nothing in the world can make you less confident about yourself.

    If you are not more of an internet person then the fulfilling and wide variety of online portals and the World Wide Web also won’t be enough to suit your needs. What you can do is hire a personal tailor. Giving a chance to young designer minds to work on your clothing; this will give them the recognition and you the well designed clothes making it a two way thing beneficial to both.
    Indian clothes look amazing on women of every size. If you are fat and don’t get clothes your size you can get a kurti made which goes which jeans n salwar of any sorts.

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