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    Caring your hair in winter

    By cooldude | October 10, 2013

    winter hairWinter is near and the arrival of the winters suggests that there will a change in the setting of your wardrobe. It’s time for the summer beauty care products to be packed for a few months. The casual ways by which you usually care for your hair in the warmer months must not have given you too much of trouble. But if you have thought of taking it that casually in winter might damage your hair badly.

    During winters you should chose styles with low maintenance, so that you have to comb it very often. Do not use your hair drier to make your hair dry cause this can be proved unhealthy during winters. A comb with wide tooth is preferable in this season or the best option is to casually comb it with your fingers. This will prevent too much hair fall. Usage of good moisturizers for your hair is advisable which does not contain mineral oil or paraffin because this may lead to more dryness of your hair.

    The frosty weather accompanied by the wind causes serious damage to your beautiful hair and above all if you do not moisturize it regularly, you can truly regret for it. The best way to protect your hair from this rough winter is always covering it with a silk or satin scarf whenever you are going out. Putting your winter hat on top of the scarf will not even cause any hindrance to your style. Hair becomes brittle and dandruff is caused due to dryness due to less amount of humidity in the air. A humidifier can be used inside your house or office to add some humidity to the air and keep your hair safe.

    Protective styles like making a bun or braid extensions are also good options to keep the tips of your hair spilt free. And the most important factor to keep this beauty of yours look moisturized and silky, plenty amount of water intake is necessary apart from the protective measures that you take.

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