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    Bridal Accessories For Short Hair

    By cooldude | September 18, 2014

    Bridal Accessories For Short HairYou are very mistaken if you think short hair means a goodbye to all accessories. Though you cannot tie it into a messy side bun or a sleek ponytail or a dramatic up do but you still have a lot that you could do and have fun with short hair. Brides with short hair can still look amazing. It is the best fashion tip that you would want to adapt as a minimalist cut deserves carefully chosen add ones. Do not make a fuss and a fashion disaster of yourself by not plastering your hair with a bunch of jeweled and huge barrettes and headbands.

    • Barrettes: they can be very tricky to pull off when you have short hair. You have to look out for the right sized the ones that are not too big and at the same time make sure that you do not enter the kiddie world. There is a very thin line of right being right and wrong and so make sure that you stay on the right track. As long as you are not choosing colorful plastic and princess themed it is fine. You do not want to end up looking like a fool on your wedding day so, stick to simple barrettes. You could go for a small barrette with jems or stones or a sequins one or maybe one done with feathers. The classic and understated ones look the best in subtle colors. To make the most of the look you should place it right above and behind your ear. Make sure your hair does not fall out.

    • Bobby Pins: cropped cuts should not be a reason for you to feel left out. Bobby pins help you hold back the short hair. If you do not want any hair getting to your hair bobby pin is what you need. They are like the most versatile hair accessory and can always get the job done for you. It gives you a natural look and helps you shape your hair the way you want to. You can style it two together in a criss-cross manner for a subtle styling twist or do it any way you like.

    • Sleek headbands: these are the perfect accessory for short hairs. They have stretchy loops, u-shaped plastic or metal that makes up some of the hottest trends. Though they look gorgeous on short hair selecting the one is the difficult part. Anything that is too ornate and wide may make you look like a fifth grader. You can also mix and match to skinny hairbands. You could wear two different colors or patterns together. They also help you give your hair a volumized look.

    • Flowers: they not only make a good hair accessory but also smell good. They can add a lot of drama when you want. There all kinds of flowers in different shapes, sizes and colors available on small clips and pins and even headbands and barrettes that give a good grip on short hair. A big fresh flower can complement almost anything and everything.

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