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    Fashion essentials for a petite woman

    Monday, July 30th, 2012

    There are a few essential things that must be present in the closet of all petite women. Te first thing in the list is a flare cut jeans. These jeans are great of petite women as the cut and the design of the jeans make the legs look long. Petite women should try to avoid […]

    How to glam up an attire with the right jewellry

    Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

    Girls and ladies need an occasion to get dolled up. They need the right time to set the occasion on fire and put the hearts racing for them. If the dress, foot ware and most importantly the jewellery are teamed up correctly then nothing can stop the popping of all eye balls towards the lady. […]

    Accessorizing with leg warmers

    Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

    Taking up any dress and wearing it is just not the style of the present generation. They always try to wear the trendiest dresses which are popular fashion statement. The doctors are presently advising everyone to go for the as much covered dress as possible to prevent continuous exposure of the human body to pollution […]

    Styling your plain skirt with a belt

    Thursday, July 12th, 2012

    People are often not aware of the unique features that a belt can provide. Belts are those unavoidable accessories in your closet that can style up any dress or skirt differently and make you appear even better. Women usually prefer belts to keep their pants and jeans up but a belt can serve as a […]