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  • You are the Next Big Name in Fashion Jewelry – are you ready ?

    By Mits Fashion Designer | March 23, 2015

    A piece of jewelry not only adds glamor to your fashion quotient but it also adds to your personality. There’s just so much that goes into the making of designer and fashion jewelry. From the color of the gemstone to the design of the jewelry, from the cut of the diamond to its clarity, from what will suit the skin to what’s trending around, from the season’s colors to the source of the stones, from the choice of the stone to the weight of the metal. Creating a piece of jewelry is just as much an art and skill as much as it is science. It requires a creative bent of mind and a passion for perfection to churn out those beautiful, inviting, to die for designs. And if all this excites you, we have got a fashion bonanza for you. It’s like what they say, “Make your cake and eat it too”.

    Jewelry Television (JTV.com) have just launched the The JTV 2015 Rockstar Designer Contest for all the folks out there who have a taste for fashionable jewelry design and a streak to make it big on their own.

    Who’s JTV ?

    JTV Rockstar Jewelry contestThey are the leading multi channel, customer responsive jewelry and gemstone online store. Equipped with gemologists and professionals, they are the go-to-jewelry expert guys for over 80 million US households. You can ask them your queries, hear out the industry experts on their shows, educate yourself on jewelry designs and or instead just shop around with them from the comfort of your home or office.

    What’s this customer responsive multi channel and what are these guys into

    JTV.com (Jewelry television) has been around for three decades decking up customers with latest designs across the spectrum of jewelry & gemstones.  They have teams of experts who are continuously working to create new designs keeping pace with the the latest fashion. From diamond jewelry to pearls, from Moissanite to Topaz, JTV covers the entire gamut of jewelry and fashion.

    I love to design jewelry. Can I be part of this contest @ JTV ?

    Today must be your lucky day. You should have asked for something more. JTV has just launched The JTV 2015 Rockstar Designer Contest. It’s a premium jewelry design contest open to all participants. You stand to win USD 5000 in cash. It does not end here, along with the prize money you will also get a chance to appear on JTV to sell your designed items to a customer potential base of 80 million households.  You get one on one mentoring with international buyers and exposure to the highest levels of the jewelry industry. The contest is open from March 21st to April 30th 2015. Click here to go to the contest page

    How to go about getting into this contest

    It’s really easy to get into this contest. Just follow these easy four steps.

    JTV Jewelry ContestDont’t get rejected. Ensure you provide this info.

    You have what it takes to reach there at the pinnacle. Go ahead, participate in the JTV 2015 Rockstar Designer Contest and design your own dreams. Spread the word. Share with your friends. The contest is now open.

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    Bridal Accessories For Short Hair

    By cooldude | September 18, 2014

    Bridal Accessories For Short HairYou are very mistaken if you think short hair means a goodbye to all accessories. Though you cannot tie it into a messy side bun or a sleek ponytail or a dramatic up do but you still have a lot that you could do and have fun with short hair. Brides with short hair can still look amazing. It is the best fashion tip that you would want to adapt as a minimalist cut deserves carefully chosen add ones. Do not make a fuss and a fashion disaster of yourself by not plastering your hair with a bunch of jeweled and huge barrettes and headbands.

    • Barrettes: they can be very tricky to pull off when you have short hair. You have to look out for the right sized the ones that are not too big and at the same time make sure that you do not enter the kiddie world. There is a very thin line of right being right and wrong and so make sure that you stay on the right track. As long as you are not choosing colorful plastic and princess themed it is fine. You do not want to end up looking like a fool on your wedding day so, stick to simple barrettes. You could go for a small barrette with jems or stones or a sequins one or maybe one done with feathers. The classic and understated ones look the best in subtle colors. To make the most of the look you should place it right above and behind your ear. Make sure your hair does not fall out.

    • Bobby Pins: cropped cuts should not be a reason for you to feel left out. Bobby pins help you hold back the short hair. If you do not want any hair getting to your hair bobby pin is what you need. They are like the most versatile hair accessory and can always get the job done for you. It gives you a natural look and helps you shape your hair the way you want to. You can style it two together in a criss-cross manner for a subtle styling twist or do it any way you like.

    • Sleek headbands: these are the perfect accessory for short hairs. They have stretchy loops, u-shaped plastic or metal that makes up some of the hottest trends. Though they look gorgeous on short hair selecting the one is the difficult part. Anything that is too ornate and wide may make you look like a fifth grader. You can also mix and match to skinny hairbands. You could wear two different colors or patterns together. They also help you give your hair a volumized look.

    • Flowers: they not only make a good hair accessory but also smell good. They can add a lot of drama when you want. There all kinds of flowers in different shapes, sizes and colors available on small clips and pins and even headbands and barrettes that give a good grip on short hair. A big fresh flower can complement almost anything and everything.

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    Five Tips To Choose The Ideal Wedding Dress

    By cooldude | August 4, 2014

    Wedding DressYour wedding is the most special day of your life and marks the beginning of a new world for you. A wedding dress is a symbol of purity and a sign of pure joy which the bride experiences on her special day. Every bride wants to look beautiful and the most stunning in the eyes of the man she loves. A dress that has style and an elegant look attached to it is not only a mark of status but also uplifts your personality. Would you not want the right dress that suits your personality too? You have to put in a lot of time and thought into buying yourself the perfect wedding dress. Here are some tips that will help you finalize your wedding dress.

    Color palette – Colors are the most essential and integral part of your outfit. Your skin tone, the setting of your wedding, and time of the day when you will be wearing the wedding dress, and of course the colors that are suggested for the season of your wedding – all must be considered for your wedding dress to be outstanding as you want it to be. If your wedding is in open air at night avoid sheer whites. Yellow skin tones are not complimented by ivory colored dresses. Summer seasons are perfect for you to pick up dresses in yellow, pink or peach tones. There are many alluring colors from which you can choose from.

    Nobody knows your body more than you so study yourself before you dress. So, work on the problems and try the dress that camouflages them perfectly. If you have a long neck consider wearing dress that are long-necked.

    Add a bit of YOU to the dress – The wedding day is your day so, add a bit of you to the dress. This is always possible if you hire people or go to apparel stores that cater to your needs. Look for that one store that will ensure all the best fit for you and be ready for alterations and customization that you want. You can also give your exclusively selected design and get it stitched.

    Surfing the net and shortlisting – You should read a lot and search and filter according to your requirements. Viewing an image helps a lot and brings a clear view. Grab wedding magazines and look at brides and their dresses looking the best possible. Select the common features of the designs and shortlist them for yourself. Finally be ready with the perfect dress to dazzle your guests with.

    Budget fixation to avoid splurging all the money – Marriages can make you go overboard for most things. Thus, you should always fix a budget to avoid overspending. Hiring marriage planners also help you divide the budget cleverly. They suggest that you should not spend anything more than 10% of your budget on dresses. Account carefully the essential dresses that you need and then dictate the remaining budget to the wedding dress. However, you cannot be rigid with budgets and estimates but always use it as a guiding line.

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    Top 3 Sunglass Trend In 2014

    By cooldude | March 8, 2014

    Sunglass Trend In 2014Season has come to resort to shades. If you want to flaunt a series of experimental, stylist, boho-chic or formal look, here comes an array of sunglasses that makes your scorching summer the coolest.

    Banger’s dirty dog

    If you are the man with metro sexual tastes, then Dirty Dog of Banger is the answer for your eyes this summer. This shade not only promises maximum comfort once you pop the glass on, but it also gives your look an edge with its metal frame. Made of polycarbonate, the lens of this sunglass is durable, strong and keep your eye is rest by deflecting distorting and glaring horizontal lights that affect your vision. This shades is available with a lot of varieties. You can opt for thick or light frames with a diverse color range.

    Prada Havana

    If you are brand lover, then Prada Havana is the shades for you. It offers classic look with contemporary styling. It has square frames with give your face a robust look. You can flaunt any of its colors, be it brown, red wine or premium black. Prada, the name says it all, as in terms of quality, you don’t have to compromise if you put your cash on this. From one of the most recognizable fashion houses in the world, this shade can be an ultimate buy. A number of accessories are also available with this shade. If women are to buy Prada Havana then you can also buy yourself a handbang, some fashion jewelery and sandals that reflect you complete style.

    Wayfarer from RayBan

    If you are the worshiper of casual look, then Ray Ban’s wayfarer is the ultimate sunglass. Its color, style and lens will grab your attention. Another great feature of this shade is that you can team up this glass with any of your outfits. Metal frame with rectangular structure and different types of nosepads, according to your face shape is available with wayfarer of Rayban. Unique designs such as animal print, most famous with the Hollywood hotties are available with this shades’s house. If you think that Rayban is the brand for men, then you should know that this company features a range of sunglasses both in wayfarer and aviator style for both men and women.

    While choosing the ideal sunglass for yourself you, besides considering your look, you also should give it a thought about the health of your eyes. Don’t compromise with lens or the quality of frame of your sunglass. Otherwise it might affect your eyes. Paying a little extra is always advisable when you are buying shades. If you experience problem after using a certain brand consult a physician immediately.

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    Leather Jackets – Fashionable And Trendy

    By cooldude | February 2, 2014

    Leather JacketsWhen it comes to apparels that have never failed to entice, leather jackets are one of the most sought-after options. The leather made jackets are always the in-thing across the fashion scene, regardless of culture, age and gender- it’s said that leather jackets are usually a safe wear and you will never go wrong with them in the style circuit.

    The best part about the leather jackets is that these are extremely stylish without being too loud on the eye. There is a subtle posh charm about these jackets that have swept everybody off the feet since their inception. Besides, the leather jackets are comfortably warm and pretty long-lasting.

    Another great part about the leather jackets is that these are compatible for any occasion or almost any attire. Whether you are planning for an exciting party night or heading to have an office meet or about to drive for a movie date – the leather jacket cam be your bestie here. It will look as good on your trouser as much as it would stylize you apparently plain skirt-top. The trendy fashion scene has come up with arm-length short leather jackets which you smartly team up with your dresses.

    The leather jackets are available in a wide variety of shades to pick from as per your personality, age and occupation. If you are a teen queen try out jackets in funky tones like pink, green or red. However, a black, brown or leather jacket will gel well with almost everybody. Among these, the brown jacket would be perfect for today’s working women. The young women can try out blue leather jackets as well.

    You will also get white colored leather jackets which are both classy and chic. However, if you are planning a white one, make sure to arrange proper storage for it.

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    Animal print dresses and shoes

    By cooldude | December 30, 2013

    Animal print dressesIf you are looking to add a little spice to your wardrobe, animal prints could be the thing that you are looking for. But you must remember that the biggest fashion faux pass you can do is to go overboard while dressing up in animal prints. Going moderate is the need of the hour.

    If it is your first time as far as animal prints are concerned, you can start with leopard-print shoes or even bags. You can then move on to clothing, like a skirt or a scarf in prints. It is best to contrast these with neutral clothing, such as a dark denim or a black blouse. Once used to prints, wearing printed shoes or dresses will not be far away and you will be more confidant with yourself and your dressing.

    You must understand the style and nature of prints. They are overwhelming, and if overdone, can turn out to be in your face too. Hence, if you wish to highlight a great bag that you have recently bought or a new pair of trousers, giving a rest to prints would be the best idea. Animal prints are loud and can be hard to blend in. They themselves are a highlight and you should try to build your outfit around it. You also should not sport very bright colors such as dark red with prints. It can get too loud and become a messy outfit.

    You do not need to spend too much in order to achieve a look in prints that works fine. A number of stores offer seasonal discounts on animal prints. You just need to keep your eyes open for places where you can bargains during sale seasons. Another great place to shop for prints is the internet. There are a number of online retailers where you can find a variety of dresses and shoes in leopard, tiger, giraffe and zebra prints. These come in reasonable prices too.

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    Cool Fashion for the XXL

    By cooldude | December 23, 2013

    Fashion for the XXLIn this world of rapid and constant changing it is a very natural and normal sight to see women of extreme sizes- size zero and size XXL. However, the misconception that a thin woman dresses and looks better than a fat one is definitely just a very vague statement which people keep saying. The truth is, regardless of the size of the woman or the man for that matter, if they know how to dress correctly.

    Dressing is the most integral part in anyone’s life. Nowadays there are pages on Facebook and websites which enable and give a wide variety of clothing for as they call it, large people. There are a variety of dresses, sequinned, lacy, flowery summer dresses, pants and tee shirts, jackets, tunics, shirts and jeans in large sizes no different from the ones available in small sizes. It is a very righteous thing to open websites with such clothes available. It is a very demoralising thing to feel less confident if your size is big, however if you dress smartly and look good nothing in the world can make you less confident about yourself.

    If you are not more of an internet person then the fulfilling and wide variety of online portals and the World Wide Web also won’t be enough to suit your needs. What you can do is hire a personal tailor. Giving a chance to young designer minds to work on your clothing; this will give them the recognition and you the well designed clothes making it a two way thing beneficial to both.
    Indian clothes look amazing on women of every size. If you are fat and don’t get clothes your size you can get a kurti made which goes which jeans n salwar of any sorts.

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    Idol Lash can be the best for your eyelashes

    By cooldude | December 6, 2013

    Idol LashEyelash serums are more in demand right now because women’s are searching for more ways to improve their eyes without using false lashes. Idol lash is one of the best goods existing in the market.

    It is a new product that has come into the market and its advertisements has been shown on various news like FOX, CNN, CBS, and ABC. Besides this many face models for the chief magazines have specified idol lash strong reviews, crediting the serum for giving them twisted, long lashes that guide the desire.

    The company of this idol lash is a specialized member of the natural products association. This means that each element comes from natural pure extracts. Because there are no fake components complaints of women regarding eye irritation or eye problems are comparatively less. The products also help to grow eyebrows. There is no need to buy an eyebrow enhancer as result money is saved in this case.

    The perfect way to utilize idol lash is to apply it just once in a day before going to bed. Before applying it remove all other makeup with soft cleaner. Put on the serum along the bottom of the lower and upper lash lines. Using it continuously 28 days will show you better results or else the company guarantees it for return
    Whether it is eye lash or any other product the ingredient and the company’s guarantee for the particular product is more important. By looking at online reviews it is clear that serum in idol lash works for the people who use it. With any beauty products its suitability depends differently. People have different body chemistry and different habits of remembering to put up serums at the right time. The results are not same on everybody.

    Today idol lash are more preferred by the women who use it reading its instructions on the package. Hence it shows great results on women’s eyes.

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    Taking Care of your Shoes

    By cooldude | December 5, 2013

    Taking Care of your ShoesProper care of your shoes is very important so that you can have a collection of a good variety of shoe design and styles. Various women prefer flat shoes while the others prefer high heels. No matter what the type of shoes is, proper care is very essential for them to last longer. Here are some tips that you can follow to take care of them to preserve their beauty and charm:

    The very first thing that you can do is to invest in heel protectors. They will surely help to increase the life of your heels. It protects them from the surfaces that can damage it such as grass, pebbles, shiny floors, sands, and wet grounds. Heel protectors may be costly, but investing in this will definitely be a wise decision. It will make your shoes look dashing and new and you will not feel the need of buying new ones.

    The second thing that you can do is to simply clean them regularly. This is a very simple procedure but you definitely require good quality and professional shoe cleaner. You can do this all by yourself. For mud stains and scuffs, use a clean cloth. Wet it slightly to make it damp and wipe off the required area gently. Scratches on the leather shoes can be removed easily with the help of shoe polish which is of the same color as that of your shoes.

    Thirdly, you should spend money on a good storage area. You should not just put away your shoes anywhere in the house. You should keep the shoes in proper boxes so that they don’t lose their shape and does not wear out easily. You must make sure that they are in closed areas so as to keep them away from dust and water.

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    Choosing the Best Khaki Clothes

    By cooldude | November 28, 2013

    Best Khaki ClothesKhaki is the fabric that has originated from British India during the Second World War. It is drab green in color and is mostly available in cotton or linen fabric. It is very durable and very comfortable and can be used in very rough conditions. It has a significantly large market as the police force of many countries use it as their uniform. Besides this it is also very popular in the fashion world. Nowadays Khaki pants and shorts have become must buys among the younger generation.

    There are different kinds of Khaki pants that are available in the market. They are very suitable for men, women and kids. Some of the major khaki pants available are: Khaki Capri pant, Khaki tactical duty pant, Khaki vintage paratrooper fatigue, Khaki chino pants etc. But you must be very careful while choosing the pant of your desire. There are a few very important points that you must keep in mind while purchasing khaki material.

    a) Quality: This is the very first criterion before you purchase a khaki pant. There are various materials available at really low prices so you must be sure of the one that you are buying. Quality must no be compromised for price.
    b) Comfort: There is a variety of hard, soft, and semi-hard variety of materials found. You must choose the one that is comfortable for you.
    c) Design: There are jeans type, straight fit, slacks type and regular type of pants available in khaki. So you must carefully decide the type for yourself.
    d) Size: This is a very personal decision to make as it differs from person to person. Some might prefer loose while the others might prefer tight fitting pants.
    e) Price: The price of the pants depends on the above conditions. Therefore you must compare and be sure enough of the prices before you make the payment

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